How It Works

What’s wrong with traditional air conditioning and refrigeration control systems?

Most air conditioning and refrigeration systems have thermodynamically-controlled compressors. This seriously wastes energy – even with modern inverter drives.

What most manufacturers don’t take into account is that it’s the hydraulic work of the compressor that is its principal function, by supplying the liquid refrigerant used for cooling. In traditional control systems, once the hydraulic work is done and the space being cooled is at the correct temperature, the compressor continues to run. Since the compressor can account for 95% of the running costs of an air conditioning or refrigeration unit, this is a huge waste of energy.

What does COOLNOMIX® do to fix this?

COOLNOMIX® utilises a unique and advanced technology called Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS®), which relies on a cutting edge combination of thermodynamic and hydraulic control. Once the compressor has finished its useful work, ORS makes sure it doesn’t continue to run needlessly.

This avoids wasted energy, reduces running costs by up to 40% or more, and radically improves the efficiency, performance and reliability of an air conditioning or refrigeration installation – without sacrificing comfort levels.

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