What about temperature stability when using COOLNOMIX® ORS™?

COOLNOMIX® ORS™ technology is designed to significantly improve temperature control in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. In contrast with most installations having room/space temperature variations of 1-2°C (1.8-3.6°F), our dual temperature sensor approach is designed to limit room temperature variations to less than 0.5°C (0.9°F).Our AC-02 COOLNOMIX® ORS™ precision air conditioning product, which is designed for high performance installations such as data centres etc. deliverers exceptional temperature stability.

How does COOLNOMIX® ORS™ impact the compressor operation in air conditioning and refrigeration systems?

COOLNOMIX® ORS™ technology optimizes the ON/OFF cycle of the compressor, thereby significantly reducing running costs. In optimizing this ON/OFF cycle the COOLNOMIX® ORS™ technology ensures that stresses on the compressor are minimized. As a result there is no adverse effect on the operational life of the connected air conditioning or refrigeration unit.

How can COOLNOMIX® ORS™ delivered savings be established?

It is easy to establish the benefits of the COOLNOMIX® device by fitting a clamp on remote power monitoring system, either on an adjacent identical unit without a COOLNOMIX® installed, or fitted to the unit for 1 – 2 weeks before with the COOLNOMIX® device is installed, with the monitoring continuing for 1 – 2 weeks after installation. Fully independent test reports, results and case studies are available from reputable third party organisation, upon request.

What level of savings are delivered by COOLNOMIX® ORS™?

Our target is to reduce running costs by 30% using COOLNOMIX® ORS™. In many cases the savings will exceed 30% depending on the sizing of the air conditioning or refrigeration system, the maintenance condition of the refrigerant based system (refrigerant levels topped up and filters/cooling fins have been cleaned etc) and the loading on the unit (savings will be greater in cooler weather when the air conditioning or refrigeration system is less heavily loaded).

Can COOLNOMIX® ORS™ technology be used with inverter based systems?

COOLNOMIX® ORS™ can be made to work with inverter based systems although inverters are not recommended as a prime area of focus.

Inverter based systems reduce energy consumption by slowing the compressor down (rather than allowing it to stop completely).
By contrast the COOLNOMIX® ORS™ technology works to turn the compressor OFF when it has completed its useful work which is a different control strategy. In common with government/automotive industry advice on turning automobile engines off when not in use, we believe that turning the compressor OFF delivers a greater contribution in reducing running costs.

How does the COOLNOMIX® ORS™ work?

The COOLNOMIX® ORS™ advanced control system makes use of two temperature sensors. These temperature sensors are used respectively to maintain temperature/comfort levels and optimize the hydraulic performance of the compressor which is the main energy consuming component in any air conditioning, heating or refrigeration unit.

The use of a second temperature sensor recognizes that the useful work done by the compressor is actually hydraulic rather than temperature related; in providing a supply of high-pressure liquid refrigerant that is available for cooling.

As the compressor can account for over 95% of the running costs the COOLNOMIX® ORS™ works to turn the compressor OFF when it has completed its useful work.

Why doesn’t the air conditioning manufacturers include this technology?

We are continually seeking discussions with the manufacturers who in our view should be installing this technology.

What is ORS™?

Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS™) is our unique, patented advanced control technology for refrigerant based systems. All COOLNOMIX® products make use of ORS™ to achieve an appropriate balance between energy consumption and the supply of refrigerant needed to deliver required comfort levels.


COOLNOMIX® is an Eco Venture established to introduce a suite of energy efficient solutions. Our objective is simple – to reduce running costs by 30% worldwide in all types of refrigerant based air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration installations.

COOLNOMIX® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Agile8 Consulting Limited.

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