Reduce your air conditioning and refrigeration costs by up to 40%

Save Energy, Save Money

Air conditioning and refrigeration units waste energy.

Wasted energy = wasted money. Something no business – big or small – can afford.

The solution? COOLNOMIX®.

COOLNOMIX® cuts out the waste, saving you money immediately. COOLNOMIX® products are compact, easy-to-install, zero maintenance energy optimisation systems for your air conditioning and refrigeration installations.

Once fitted, COOLNOMIX® regulates temperature, optimizes energy saving and substantially reduces running costs.

Install COOLNOMIX® and watch your air conditioning and refrigeration running costs drop by up to 40% – or more!

Energy saving in today’s economic environment is vital. That’s why datacentres, food distribution and retailers, offices, restaurants, schools, theme parks and hotels are already saving money with COOLNOMIX®.

Why does COOLNOMIX® improve your existing units?

Most air conditioning and refrigeration units use thermodynamic control. This seriously wastes energy. COOLNOMIX® fixes this by operating on a revolutionary combination of thermodynamic and hydraulic control, which avoids wasted energy and reduces running costs.

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